Wednesday, September 15, 2004


Like Chavez with his "counter-counter revolution", there is now an anti-anti LGF site, started, presumably, by someone with no girlfriend.

In Venezuela they are now gearing up for a record-breaking counter-counter-counter revolution, and I'm aiming at the same sort of effect over here. It is the aim of LGF WATCH WATCH WATCH to keep LGF WATCH WATCH honest, whatever the cost, whoever gets hurt.

Qui custodiet ipsos custodes? Couldn't have put it better myself.


At 9:13 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

If setting up LGF Watch Watch suggests you have no girlfriend, then what does setting up LGF Watch Watch Watch suggest?
No girlfriend and no job?
And what does writing this comment suggest about me?
Have I no life? What else can I say, but, 'bad Harry'?

At 9:05 AM, Blogger Rightwatch said...

It is the aim of LGF WATCH WATCH WATCH to keep LGF WATCH WATCH honest, whatever the cost, whoever gets hurt. ROFLMAO!! Harry, you're a talented comedian. Go for it Harry, I'm looking forward to it. Come keep me honest. Don't forget to bring your own bandages for the "hurt" because we don't keep any on our site.


-- discardedlies --

At 4:42 PM, Blogger Leftwatch said...

Uh, I keep a several big freaking cans of whoop ass here at the house.

We owe this guy/gal a post, done we?

Let's give it a few days to get up to speed, then I'll write it, k?

Who loves ya, baby? :-)

At 6:07 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

I got banned by CJ himself no less than 4 times . Disagreeing with the flow on LGF is like walking into a biker bar and screaming bikers are fairys . I find LGF less tolerant than Britbart , Islamic Forum , Twitchy were I've also been banned . As for the latest banning , all I said was " we should wait for the facts " I the Brown case ,and it was like kicking a hornets nest .Finally being accused by a lizzardoid sycophant named Obdicut of having a devious intention behind spacing my period after a sentence , that was enough for Charles .My multiple bannings from LGF have occured through all stages of CJ's metamorphis'.
What can I say , I get a kick out of this .

At 6:13 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Oh , did I mention Daily Kos ? and a few "lefty blogs " . Being center of the road , non-contentious and reasonable will get you banned from most blogs , without even using foul language or ad hominems . [ not that I'm above that ] But LGF is now at the top of my assholes INC. list , right up there with Twitchey , Gateway Pundit and Orly Taitz which only took one little friendly post to get banned .

At 6:18 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

btw , I don't have any girlfriends , I got to NURU Massage Therapists . Unlike many suckers out there , I get guaranteed happy endings with a bang .


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